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Hardwood Flooring Benefits 

Homeowners want hardwood floors for their natural durability and beauty. The rich color of hardwood lends to many different home décor styles. Kennys Carpet One Floor & Home in Carmel, NY., carries a wide selection of hardwood options and even name brands like Armstrong. We have the experts available to you in our showroom that can help you plan your budget around a hardwood floor and also design them around your home.

Are Hardwood Floors Difficult to Maintain?

We know our customers are wary of the initial investment hardwood requires, but we can promise you it’ll be worth it. You hardwood floors will last a long time when properly maintained, and they even add value where you didn’t know they could. Hardwood floors are easy to clean but do require regular maintenance. If you have a home prone to allergies, hardwood may be for you because of its hypo allergenic qualities, and how it does not allow dust and other allergens to be trapped.

Types of Hardwood

When it comes to selecting hardwood floors, there are a variety of choices to compare. Different species of hardwood differ in strength and color, so if you need a floor to stand up to heavy foot traffic or children and pets, choose a more solid type of hardwood. You can even choose between unfinished and finished hardwood for a customized look. The biggest decision with hardwood is choosing engineered vs. solid hardwood, both of which have beneficial characteristics such as refinishing.

About Hardwood

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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Cleaning your hardwood floors doesn’t have to be a chore. Regularly keep up with them so they do not lose their luster and you can enjoy them for longer. 

How to Care for Hardwood Floors
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Is Solid or Engineered Hardwood Better?

When choosing hardwood, factoring in if you want solid or engineered can make a huge difference in how your home functions. Learn about what makes the two different by following the link below. 

Learn About Solid and Engineered Hardwood

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