Bamboo Flooring

A durable and environmentally friendly flooring option.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

When you are searching for a wood floor that is ultimate in durability standing up to years of wear, high traffic, and use and is eco-friendly, consider buying natural bamboo planks.  Bamboo is beautiful and lasts for many years. Flooring laid in bamboo offers a unique style and elegant look. Bamboo is affordable and easy to put down. When you get ready to change out your floor, know that the planks are recyclable and biodegradable. 

Bamboo originates from the plant called Moso and is of the grass family. When bamboo has harvested the plants, regenerate, unlike trees that are cut down for use in wood flooring. These plants also contribute more oxygen to the air than trees. 

Bamboo has been for years a popular alternative to hardwood flooring. When searching for quality bamboo floors know that there are different types. Many brands use a highly processed method of chemicals to complete the flooring process. 

Most bamboo floors are manufactured planks with either a horizontal or vertical grain. These planks lock easily into place and are found in a variety of colors to suit taste and style. Bamboo floors are nontoxic and available in many different widths and textures. 

This product is easy to install. When installing bamboo flooring, there is no glue or nails used in the process. The good thing about bamboo planks is that if a plank does become damaged it is easy to remove the damaged plank and reinsert a new piece of wood. 

The planks are made to expand and contract according to temperatures and moisture changes. Consumers find that bamboo planks never gap over time like some wood and laminate floors. Excess spills on wood flooring can over time warp the wood. Bamboo planks are more durable to moisture repelling any warping problems. 

Many consumers opt for real oak flooring due to its hardness and durability. However, bamboo surpasses the durability test any wood floor on the marketplace today, including oak. It is one of the hardest materials for wood flooring on the market today.

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