• Jan 23, 2015
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2015 Trend Predictions from Courtney Lake

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We had the opportunity to ask Courtney Lake, a premier interior designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, what trends he sees being popular in 2015. Here's what he shared as his 2015 trend predictions for home decor.

BDMS: What do you see as the biggest trend in interior home design for 2015?

The Bay Area has always been an incubator for innovative and artisan home goods designers.  I have found that more and more clients are asking for us to search for local artisans.  Much like the slow food movement of the last decade, I believe that more of the general public is becoming aware of the amazing crafts-persons in their own backyard thanks to meta shopping sites like Etsy or CustomMade.com.  I recently designed a space for a client where we were given the mandate of sourcing without a 50-60 mile radius of the home's location.  Because of this parameter, we really dug deep and found some amazing products and artists that I am now quite happy to have on my preferred vendor list. In particular, we were agog over the glass designs from SkLo, the luxe textiles of Jesse Black,and the wood craftsmanship of Blue Collar Built.

Interior Design By Courtney Lake

BDMS: What are some ways that you will be using this trend in your designs?

Since our Northern California project, we have continued supporting small local artisans in most of our designs.  We are in love with the sheeting from Crane & Canopy and the innovative use of materials from company Oxgut Hose.  We have used Crane and Canopy bedding in the majority of our projects - it's a great price point for a superior product.  It sells itself to our clients plus how often will the CEO of a company hand deliver a product to a client?  They will and clients appreciate that kind of service and it goes a long way in building a rapport on all sides.

Interior Design by Courtney Lake

BDMS: How can the average consumer incorporate this trend into their home?

When clients ask how they can support local artisans, I suggest they do it one of three ways: (1) Visit your local art school or art festival and purchase from the young artists.  You can find amazing large scale artwork for a fraction of what a more mature artist costs.  I was lucky enough to find emerging painter Heather Day early in her career in a similar way and have been a huge proponent of her work.  (2) Look at web sites like CustomMade.com which connects artisans to clients.  It's a great way to find local talent and creative a collaborative process to get a product made.  Last, (3) I encourage clients to visit their favorite retail stores.  I have often found amazing resources by visiting my favorite menswear stores -- remember they have a whole visual team that is tasked with finding interesting items.  Think of it as a bonus for buying that sweater you have been eyeing!

Interior Design By Courtney Lake

About Courtney

Known by many as lively, stylish, and inspired, Courtney Lake is proud to be one of the premier interior designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in creating functional and beautiful spaces in the residential market, Courtney also does his share of home staging and photo styling. He is an expert at flawlessly meeting his clients’ needs while designing superb spaces with timeless style mixed with a healthy dose of humor.

Learn more about Courtney at MonogramDecor.com.  

For more trend predictions and ideas, download the winter issue of our free Beautiful Design Made Simple digital magazine.


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