Flooring Buying Guide

Every room serves a specific purpose in your home. Beyond price, form, function and fashion are key elements to consider when considering new flooring.

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Kennys Carpet One Flooring Guide

Carpet One Floor Buying Guide

The Kitchen

  • High traffic area that typically leads directly outside (dirt, water from snow, rain, dust etc.).

  • Spills are common from cooking, (must be durable and easy to clean).

  • Non-slip flooring is a safety requirement.  


  • Vinyl is an excellent choice for the kitchen floors (resilient, durable and long life).

  • Tile, laminate and wood are great flooring options (rugs soften critical areas).

The Bathroom:

  • Overflow from the sink, toilet and bathtub is a reality.

  • Ease of cleaning is certainly an important factor.

  • Non-slip surface materials are plentiful in a variety of styles.


  • Vinyl is the easiest to clean with a simple area rug will prevent slipping.

  • Ceramic tile an excellent option (not as slippery as vinyl, but harder to clean).

  • Today's laminates and wood products are now available for bathrooms.


The Living Room

  • As the focal point of the home, considerations for all of the furnishings throughout the house are selected to complement this room.

  • Flooring as always must match the room's purpose.


  • Hardwood flooring is perhaps the most attractive and lasting option.

  • Natural and innovative fibers are now available in many carpet styles

The Dining Room

  • The formality or functionality is the primary driver of who flooring is selected.

  • Form and function dictate choices as does style.


  • Carpet may be a nice option, but understand that light colors show stains.

  • Traditional wood, laminate or tile flooring always is a good choice for the dining room.

The Bedroom

  • Consider that the bed and window treatment typically overshadow all other elements in this room.

  • Traffic is usually not a problem (stains and durability are not the primary considerations).

  • Neutral flooring and patterns are smart choices for homes that frequently change décor.


  • Carpet is traditionally selected for its comfort and overall tone of the room.

  • Wood or laminate floors work well if decorative rugs are preferred.

The Hallway & Stairs:

  • Heavy traffic, wear and tear as well as outside elements dictate flooring options here.

  • Durable, lasting styles are the best options, however this is the often the first impression visitors have of your home.  Don't be afraid to make a statement.


  • Inlaid patterns of wood parquet or ceramic tile are dramatic, durable, lasting options.

  • Laminate flooring is a good alternative, providing value and long life. 

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