Sanding & Refinishing

Kennys Carpet One Hardwood Sanding & RefinishingWood floors can be striking when they're in good shape, can enhance the value and charm of your home but overtime; even the most sturdy hardwood floors can become dull and dingly.  Years of wear and tear can leave unsightly nicks and scratches too. Refinishing wood floors is sometimes the only option.  More often than not after a successful hardwood floor refinishing project, the new floor would be as good as new and, a cost-effective way to improve the look of your floors.  
Refinishing Existing Floors is a process.  We start off sanding your floors with a rough grit sand paper to ensure all of the existing polyurethane and/or stain is completely removed. Then we move to a finer sand paper and finally, we buff the floors with a very fine grit screen which ensures a super smooth surface for finishing and apply 3 coats of commercial grade oil-base polyurethane or environmentally friendly water-base polyurethane. In between the coats of polyurethane, we do a very fine sanding to ensure the correct bonding of the polyurethane and a smooth finish coat.
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