Information on the different types of carpet to consider for your lifestyle.

Carpet Flooring

If you are shopping for carpeting it can be a challenging task with so many price ranges and so many types; it is hard to sort out what is the best carpeting for your budget and your needs. Taking into consideration the patterns, colors, materials, textures, and pile this is a hard decision. In the end, there is nothing better than to walk on a cushy plush rug.

There are ways you can narrow your search down to just the right carpet flooring choice by researching types of rugs. The main thing to look at is what are people buying? What carpet type is most popular and trending with the public?You will find that there are five basic styles of carpet flooring.

  1.  Velvet texture offers soft comfortable walking
  2.  Cable Design offers a thicker pile created in a loose design
  3.  Shag Carpeting, made of long lengths of yarn mat easily
  4.  Frieze Type offers twisted, tight tufts of wool offer resistance to matting.
  5.  Saxony Carpeting offers a tufted look

There are different types of yarn loops in carpeting such a: 

  • Multiple Loop Pile is made of various heights of pile offer distinct patterns
  • Level Loop Pile this pile is all one height. Therefore, this carpeting is smooth and even in appearance.
  • Combination Pile rug offers a mix of cut and loop style, creating a unique style.
When shopping for carpeting, consider what room you are going to put your flooring, because this makes a difference in the type you buy for that area. For example, a shag design looks lovely in the living room and on stairway to a second level. However, these are high traffic areas, and a shag design is apt to mat frequently down. Over time this type of carpet does not return to its normal state and tends to stay matted. A shag design is beautiful for bedrooms with little use or guest rooms. 

When shopping for carpeting, you can cut your search for the ideal purchase if you consider the following.

Random Shear: This carpeting type offers a luxurious texture feel when walking because it consists of both cut and uncut loops of yarn in various heights.

Tip Shear: Similar to random shear type carpeting, does not offer as much texture design to the eye. 

Level and Cut Loop Pile Carpeting: This carpeting uses both cut and loop piles and offers the homeowner a unique feel. 

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