A resilient flooring option to consider.

Vinyl Flooring

Here at Kenny’s Carpet One, we understand that there are a lot of flooring options, and as a home owner this can be overwhelming. We want you to know that our courteous stuff is here to help. One flooring option you should consider is vinyl flooring.

Arguably the biggest benefit to vinyl flooring is the ease that comes with cleanup. With vinyl sheet flooring, there is nowhere for any liquid or spill to travel to because of the seamless nature of the product. Other floors require you to clean between cracks and other tough to reach spots. Moisture and dirt are able to can be swept and mopped without any hassle.

While other flooring options may also hold up well, when it comes to cleaning spills, vinyl also has the strength to repel any spills from leaving any stains. Vinyl is manufactured with several different layers, and the top layer, the wear layer, allows for a durable floor that is able to stand up to staining.

The wear layer also allows vinyl to last for years without any need of replacement. The thicker the wear layer, the stronger and more durable your floor will be. Manufacturers use the measurement known as a ‘mil’ to determine the thickness of the wear layer. A mil can be measured as 1/1000th of an inch. Wear layers can have can range from 8mils – 40mils.

The comfort that comes with vinyl floors is unlike any other. The cushion that can be provided by the vinyl floor make it a great option for rooms where you spend the most time. Flooring options such as vinyl plank flooring are excellent for your kitchen as they provide that cushioned feeling that you would be looking for.

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