Window Treatments

A product that is incredibly stylish and functional.

Benefits Of Window Treatments

With a variety of styles to choose from, window treatments add a dash of pizzazz and sizzle to any room. Along with enhancing the decor with modern and elegant choices, there's a lot more to what these treatments offer than meets the eye. 

Treatment Types

No matter the type of theme permeating your home or office, there is a suitable treatment to blend perfectly with your personal style. From traditional roller shades to horizontal slatted blinds, pick and choose from solid colors, interesting designs, and assorted materials to make a statement. Additional product types to consider include:

  • Roman Shades
  • Woven Woods
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Shutters
  • Honeycomb Shades

Material and Decorative Choices

When choosing a treatment, several factors are important such as selecting the type that best suits the particular room, as well as the material such as metal, wood, fabric or bamboo. Assorted decorative styles offer a menu of choices and include a wide range of options including rustic, transitional, modern, formal, and traditional classic American.

Energy Efficiency

An important advantage of installing a window treatment is the significant effect each has on energy conservation. The summer heat is kept outside versus glaring through the window heating up the interior. During winter, warm heat doesn't escape outside. Conserving energy means a comfortable environment, year-round, monthly savings on utility bills, and less stress on heating and cooling systems.


The sun's ultraviolet rays (UV) are strong and can easily damage the skin. Treating each window adds a layer of insulation against UV rays.  The insulation provided by the treatment also protects interior items from fading such as furniture, artwork, carpets, and other accessories susceptible to damage by continual sun exposure.

Light Regulation

Whether installing treatments with retractable cords, a cordless system, or a remote control operated system, the amount of light entering each window is easily regulated. Adjust the window treatment to allow the appropriate amount of natural light into the room, or keep it dark when ambient, accent, or task lighting is preferred. 

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