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Our Carpet Brands 

Carpeting is meant to transform your space in living color, adding constant comfort and intrigue. With thousands of carpeting prospects, finding your ideal fit can prove challenging. Don’t stress: our onsite style experts can help you find the right carpeting for you and yours.


At Kenny’s Carpet One Inc. in Carmel, NY, we have the perfect carpeting to suit your signature style and needs. Our inventory spans all of the hottest carpeting products and brands, including elegant selections made by Extreme Value, Innovia Touch, Innovia Touch XTreme, Oath by Resista, LEES, SelectAFloor, and Tigressá. Please visit us soon at 246 Route 52 in Carmel, CA, to browse our latest carpeting displays.



Featured Carpet Brands


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Innovia Xtreme Clean is an innovative product line designed to shorten your cleanup routine. The most common stain types are readily removed, often using only water and a clean towel.




Life can get messy, but you needn’t compromise your carpeting. Built to manage the toughest stains, LEES is an incredible carpet to tackle daily challenges.



Relax_its_Lees_Senatorial_Charismatic_MaxFocus flooring

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Oath by Resista

Covered by our exclusive No Exclusions 10-year stain warranty, Oath by Resista takes an engineered approach to ongoing style.




Engineered for the wilds of your home, Tigressá’s serious softness and fierce stance on stains make it the king of your jungle.



Tigressa Blanket Coffee Table