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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Carmel, NY


Carpet can add color, texture, and comfort to all your favorite rooms. At this moment there are more ways to enjoy carpet than ever before, whether you need a heavy-duty carpet for a commercial setting, a stain-resistant carpet for your family room, or a plush and velvety carpet for your formal living room.



At Kenny’s Carpet One Floor & Home we have a passion for perfection. Here, you’ll find carpet products for all kinds of residential and commercial settings. With a wide span of offerings to please any budget, we have carpet for all spaces, styles, and functional needs.



Are you considering a new carpet installation in the coming months? Here’s a quick primer on modern carpet in it fine forms.



Choose the Right Carpet


With so many carpet options for you to consider, choosing just one can almost seem impossible at first.  



We recommend you take closer look at your family size, lifestyle, and functional needs to help narrow down your options. Do you have pets or plan to adopt one soon? Are there small children in the home?



Is your room prone to heavy footsteps and frequent activity, or is it a quieter setting? Do you have a lot of family gatherings? All of these are important questions to consider.



What Are Carpet Fibers?


The fibers that hold your carpet together, often referred to as pile, will play a role in the way your rug looks, functions, and feels over time.


There five major types of carpet, made using both synthetic and natural fibers. Each one has its own distinctions – and benefits.



  • Nylon is a synthetic fiber that’s currently one of the most popular carpet families around. Known for its incredible softness, nylon pile is resilient, durable, and colorful.


  • Polyester is another famous synthetic pile that looks and feels quite like nylon carpet. Polyester carpets are less expensive than nylon. Once considered an affordable nylon alternative, modern manufacturing innovations have allowed today’s durable polyester products to come into their own.


  • Olefin is a type of synthetic fiber that’s renowned for its astonishing colors. Olefin pile is usually woven into Berber-style carpets. These rugs are incredibly durable, making them popular for large families.


  • Triexta is a heavy-duty synthetic pile that’s prized for its impressive stain-resistance capabilities. Triexta rugs are a popular option for those with pets or little kids.


  • Wool is a popular natural fiber that’s been used for years. Technology continues to improve on this beloved classic, and modern wool carpets are soft, durable, colorful, and sustainable. Wool carpet naturally resists moisture, mildew, and odors.




The construction of your carpet likewise plays a significant role in how your new rug will wear over time.



  • Cut-pile carpet features pile that’s tightly attached to its base, with its loops trimmed into varying lengths. The result is a very thick, textured rug that conceals footprints and dents.


  • Loop-pile carpet leaves the looped fibers intact, resulting in carpeting that’s smoother at the surface.


  • Cut-loop carpet is a combination of both cut-pile and loop pile for incredible depth and texture.



Carpet to Combat Household Stains


A proven performer, stain-resistant carpet uses the latest technologies to provide products that not only look good but retain beauty.



There are hundreds of assorted styles, colors, and patterns, making stain-resistant carpet an option for everyone. It’s a favorite for commercial spaces but the truth is it fares well at home, too!



Stain-resistant carpets have individually coated fibers that keep spills from making permanent stains. To clean, simply dab away accidents using clear water and a towel: we promise no stains will linger. The beauty of stain-resistant carpet is the fact that it’s made to go anywhere under your roof.



Where Can I Install Carpet?


Carpet shouldn’t be used in kitchens and bathrooms, but with thousands of offerings to consider, it’s easy to find the right products for nearly any other indoor setting.



Commercial-grade carpet, usually made from resilient synthetic pile, works great in an entryway, a family room, a waiting room, or on the stairs. Plush carpet varieties are a luxurious and beautiful addition to a formal living room, or in a guest bedroom, adding comfort and a posh appearance.



Shop for Carpet Near You in Carmel, New York


As members of Carpet One Floor and Home, the world’s largest independently operated and owned flooring cooperative, Kenny’s Carpet One proudly serves greater Putnam County, NY.



Offering unmatched purchasing power that spans over 1,000 North American stores, our inventory is impressive and our services friendly and accessible. We offer all the best carpet brands.



Visit us soon at 246 Route 52 in Carmel, NY and check out our latest carpet product displays.

Why Carpet Padding Matters

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Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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