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Cork Flooring

Benefits of Cork Flooring

If you are looking to have some of your floors redone, you may want to consider cork flooring. Though many people may brush this idea off immediately, it is actually worthy of consideration for many reasons, as cork flooring comes with many benefits.


Cork floors have a unique appearance and are very resilient. It will not be damaged by furniture or heavy appliances that are put on top of it. Even if you scratch up the cork floor, the scratches will simply become a part of the pattern in the cork. The cork material retains air very well and can easily bounce back after people walk on top of it with heeled shoes as well. It is also very sanitary, as the material naturally absorbs microbial substances and prevents the accumulation of allergens. Unlike many other types of floors, it does not collect dust. Suberin, a substance that is a part of cork, repels bugs as well. It will also stop your cork floor from rotting.


In addition, for anyone who cares about the environment, cork can be harvested from trees in a way that does not do any harm to them; it can be made entirely from the bark of the trees. It will also likely help you save money on your heating bill, as cork holds more heat than most flooring materials and will provide great insulation. Cork is also fire-resistant and does not put out any toxic fumes when it happens to be accidentally burned.


In addition, cork flooring is relatively inexpensive. It can run you anywhere between $1.10 and $6.25 per square foot, depending on the color and other characteristics of the specific material that you choose. It is installed fairly easily and can be installed just like regular tile floors. It can also be installed on surfaces that are not even and over existing flooring systems.


Cork can make for a very comfortable and pleasant surface on which you can walk as well. As you can see, there are many benefits to a cork floor. This option is definitely worthy of consideration if you are looking to do something different with your flooring.


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